Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's sunny, and we have our first outdoor blooms of the year. This is about a month early for our area; last year we were still buried in snow.

Also, some of the heucheras kept their leaves over winter. These three plants are seed grown from either Dr. Sitar's Hybrids or Dale's Strain; sadly, I don't remember which! They are almost identical in color to Ring of Fire, except they don't get the orange outline in fall.

Lots of the roses have leaf buds that are nearly bursting. Most of the perennials are coming up- one of the dwarf perennial peas is about to bloom. Sadly, it looks like my beautiful pale pink digitalis did not survive the winter, and I don't know if any seedlings will sprout for next year bloom. I hope so; I love that color!

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