Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday, I was very surprised to look out and see this!
A mountain bluebird! There were a pair (this is the female), flitting around where a bunch of sunflowers grew last year. They're omnivores, so they were probably finding fallen seed. Hopefully they will stick around and nom on some bugs, too.

I haven't seen bluebirds in over 15 years. Around then, there was a push to put up next boxes for them. People would put them on their fenceposts, because apparently they like that height, and they like a long low approach.

Problem was, the fenceposts people were using were by the road, and they kept facing them to the road, so the birds were approaching the boxes over the asphalt at about 4' in altitude.

Wanna know how many dead bluebirds I saw on the road in that era? Lots.

I'm very happy to see these two. I hope they are the start of a trend.

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  1. Its rare for me to see bluebirds although my neighbors do????? Aren't they wonderful? Thank you for the blog visit and the nice comment. It was a fun project and I think I may play with more. I love layering hand dyed cast off laces and crocheted things. It is a nice break from crazy quilting :-)