Saturday, September 24, 2011

Book haul!

Went to the book and craft sale at the Peaceable Kingdom. Joe is trying to sell off Lois's things promptly, while he is still fit enough to oversee it all, although friends are doing all the sorting, toting and disposing so he doesn't have to do anything physical. It has to be horribly hard to deal with, even though they talked it all over before she died and he knows (and the friends know) what she wanted done with her things. So of course I came away with a number of herb, gardening and cook books. Not as many as I thought I'd get; some were out of my price range, like all but one of the Gertrude Jekyll books. I grabbed $1 each ones range.
Unfortunately, they had just sold a trunk. The trunk turned out to have vintage clothing in it, which the trunk buyer was uninterested in. Of course a couple of pieces came home with me, things way more expensive than I should have bought. A short suit type jacket of checked wool that I'd guess is early 1960s and a floor length black velvet coat with a white fur collar, princess cut. I'm guessing 1930s. The lining is shot, but the exterior is fine. It fits perfectly! If I didn't already have my Steamcon outfits planned, I would probably try to use this as part of one. Oh, well, this is something I can wear in town easily. No pics yet as they are wrinkled and hanging right now.

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