Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Green and gold necklace

Although I'd started this necklace sometime in early or
mid-summer, I just finished it Saturday, hours before the party I wanted to wear it to. It's clear yellowish-green 11 seed beads, a few gold metallic seed beads, 6mm dark green pearls and 4 mm metallic gold pearls.

I'm not totally pleased with the pattern. It's from a magazine, and even though I swear I followed it exactly, there are problems. There is a lot of thread showing in places, but when I tried to tighten things up, the piece gathered and buckled. If I ever try this pattern again, I'll be putting more 11s in certain areas to make it lay flatter and be tighter.

The bracelet that I took for the gift exchange was a big hit- got a commission out of it!

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