Saturday, June 2, 2012

My hoya is blooming again. Last year I never got around to taking pictures, so I made sure to get some this time. I was given this plant as a tiny thing, and have actually managed to keep it alive- I have killed hoyas before, sadly. I had no idea who the plant was- I wasn’t even aware there were so many hoyas! When it bloomed with red balls instead of fragrant white stars, I was very startled. 

I don’t even remember who gave me the plant; I thought it was the woman across the street but she says her hoya is the white star one. So I ran through the entire gallery at and I think it’s Hoya kentiana; the flowers aren’t large enough to be Hoya weyetii. They do produce a *lot* of nectar, which at first made me wonder what was wrong with the plant (“It’s crying! Help it!”). I think it’s kind of cool that it’s a plant from the Philippines. I wonder if my mother ever saw this plant in gardens there?

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