Sunday, September 23, 2012

Got my flu shot Friday before work, so that if I had my usual reaction I could have it over the weekend and be ready to work on Monday. Sure enough, by Friday night I was feeling achy (more achy than usual) and slightly feverish. Yesterday I had the full effect of bone deep aching muscles and fever, on top of my usual fibro pain and joint pain and headache. Went back to bed midday and fell asleep while reading with a tea cup on my belly. You can guess what woke me up- yep, cold tea pouring all over me, the book, the bed and the cat. Talk about rude awakenings!

Did manage to get the fabric for the La Catrina costume dyed. Didn't turn out the color I wanted, of course, but then I had to mix colors to have enough. It's not as blue a purple/pink as I wanted- it verges on warm. Drat. And I forgot to take before and after pictures! That and writing one article was all I got done yesterday.

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