Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gray sweater makeover

Some time ago I found a plain gray cardigan at a yard sale. It had interesting stitching around the neck and down the front, but other than that it seemed to be crying out to have something done to it. So last fall when I was looking for something on the 'net, I was happy to find some chiffon flowers in the perfect color to go with it.

I measured out from the collar & front binding all the way around and down, then pinned the edge of the trim (the roses are on a net base) along the line. I was going to machine sew them down, but knew that I'd end up catching the roses themselves under the foot. So I hand sewed it; it only took me an hour to do both edges of the flower strips.

Okay, it's hanging crooked on the dress form. I really did manage to get the flowers on straight down the fronts! Now I have a cute cardi for if I ever get a lady-like job!

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