Saturday, July 5, 2014

 A couple of my jobs are really near to the lake. About two weeks ago, there was a killdeer running around in the driveway of one, doing the fall down and play injured thing they do to draw people away from their nest. Today I went back there, and needed to weed a bed that I hadn’t touched for awhile. The killdeer got frantic, running around on the lawn behind me, dropping to play hurt. Then two young ones- fledged but still with some baby fluff sticking out between feathers- popped out of the shrubs and ran around! The mother started calling wildly. They peered at me for awhile, then ran around the corner of the house. The mother stuck around for awhile, cursing me loudly. She also flipped out when the babies decided to peer around the corner at me, except that time she ran at them to convince them to go back and hide! 

A killdeer, from Wikimedia Commons. Uploaded originally by hart_curt.

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