Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sunny with a few fluffy clouds. Reseeded the greens that didn’t come up the first time; don’t know if they didn’t come up because the seeds are bad (they shouldn’t be; they are new) or if I let them dry out at some point. We shall see. Also seeded three kinds of sunflowers and some Pinwheel zinnias. Did some heavy duty weeding- grass in the perennials and roses- and some pruning. Started a few weeping willow and dappled willow cuttings. The blue Arctic willow cuttings seem to be doing well; at any rate, they are leafing out and not dying. Even though I didn’t really get that much done, it feels more rewarding than a lot of days.

Little Banshee was out for quite a while; he wasn’t up to really walking around so he got tethered to things and laid in the grass. He didn’t want to be too far from me; every time I’d walk off to empty a bucket or something he tried to get up and follow me. He ate this morning but is very droopy. I wish he didn’t need such a high dose of meds, but droopy is safer than status epilepticus.

Now to make the bed (also did laundry), make out some bills, and package up a few things for the post office tomorrow!

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