Thursday, March 24, 2016

State of the garden

Spring really is here; suddenly there are tiny leaves showing right at soil level that weren't there just a couple of days ago. The daphne is blooming; the crocus seem to have suffered gopher depredation but are blooming. The new hyacinths have their noses poked up but for some reason the older ones are not. Every few days I plant some more sees; so far, the Brilliant Oriental poppies are up, as are the Firefly heucheras but they do not have true leaves yet. Two artichokes are up and each have one true leaf. One vining asparagus is up. But nothing else is germinating. I'm really eager to do more, but Tim doesn't want millions of plants going in and out every morning and evening. I'm not sure what the problem is since I'm the one who normally deals with that.

There are finally tiny buds on the Amur maple that I figured only had a 50% chance; it was growing in the rocks at a client's house, with it's roots hopelessly entangled in the weed fabric. I did a lot of damage to the roots getting it out and really didn't cut it back. But at least part of it survived... the variegated meadowsweet is showing life to day, too. Still nothing from the agastaches or some others; a couple of really hardy salvias have vanished! We seem to have bought about 8 new primroses; gorgeous colors. They live out on the porch and are thriving there.

Did some raking of leaves and cutting back of dead stuff today; my back is telling me about it now. I am *so* not ready to start working! It's going to be a painful couple of weeks getting into the rhythm of gardening again.

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