Tuesday, October 12, 2010

550 Home Landscaping Ideas: The Most Practical and Comprehensive Visual Sourcebook of Landscaping Ideas, by Catriona T. Erler and Derek Fell. Roundtable Press, 1991

This is a book of pictures of lovely gardens. But not just lovely gardens in general; the authors have taken the very best bits from gardens all over the world and shown them to us and *explained* why they were showing them to us. How different gates fit into different garden styles. How the different elements of a Japanese garden work to create mood. How different garden styles fit different environments. Each picture has a terse bit of text telling us why this garden element is effective, so that the home gardener can make use of it.

I like this approach. We may not be able to recreate Great Dixter or Hidcote, but we can certainly arrange plants in a way that creates a nice tableau or make it look nicer under the trees wth appropriate shade plants. It’s a book that will have you marking pages so you can try out the ideas presented.

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