Monday, October 11, 2010

Things Accomplished

Spent the day getting 'stuff' put up on the walls, after letting it sit about for some time. It's migrated into my life over the course of at least a year. Time to make floor space!

This is a crappy resin thing. I found it at a yard sale; it had a wood grain finish that was truly dreadful. I painted it low sheen off white, antiqued it, filled a hole with JB Weld, and here we go. I do need to move the flower thing down.

A fabric banner, probably from Nepal, that Colin got rid of. Natasha has already been up there, playing with it. *sigh*

Added to the collection of plates over the wood stove, which ranges from Middle Eastern brass, Japanese (fake) Imari, resin knockoffs, and the Simpsons.

Two Brazilian embroidery pieces by my former SIL, which dont' fit the scheme of the room, but it's the only room with blue in it. And I'm not sure what that wood thing is- it's lovely, carved and inlaid and pierced, but it's useless as a plate or bowl. So it's a wall ornament that makes pretty shadows.

And there are still more things to put up. Maybe tomorrow, if I get the giant pile of laundry put away. It was finally dry out, and I could hang laundry to dry.

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