Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Legendary Cat Quilt

The cat quilt is not a quilt for cats-although they have disagreed with that bit all along- but one made of cat fabrics. It is legendary because of the length of time it took me to make- years. I'd get the blocks pieced, then not work on them for months, carry them around with me and get bits and pieces done in doctor's offices and the like, and it was always getting put off, either because I was working outside all the time and didn't stitch at all, or Christmas was coming and I was stitching presents. I finally finished it a number of months ago, and then never got it taken to it's rightful owners. I made it for the Concerned People for Animals (North Idaho division) so they can auction, raffle or sell it however. When we had a metric load of feral cats around here they gave us certificates to have them all fixed, and we really appreciated that. But I finished it about the time our work picked up, so I never got around to taking it to them or calling them- they are actually in Rathdrum, about an hour from here. Today I unfolded it, reironed it, made sure there was as little cat hair as possible on it, and wrapped it in tissue. I shall get hold of them in the next few days.

So here I present: The cat quilt!

Each block is done with a different colorway or theme; green, blue, red, black/winter, oriental, and one with Laurel Burch fabrics.

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