Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve lunch

After yesterday's aborted plans to go into town for errands and my birthday dinner- aborted by the car having a borked starter- we made it into town today, but decided to make it birthday lunch rather than dinner so as not to be on the icy roads when it gets down to 0 F again and so as not to be on icy roads when every drunk in Bonner County decides to be on the same stretch of road with us. I wore basically my one Steamcon outfit, with bonus long sleeved blouse, scarf, gloves and petticoat for warmth. I was made much of at the library, saluted at one grocery store and told I was classy, and had a teenaged girl ask to take my picture at the other grocery store. That pretty much made my day!

At the restaurant, they have a salt water tank with some large fish. I took some pictures of them today. The largest fish is an orange something or other, who after I took his picture, followed me to the other end of the tank when I wanted to get pics of the other fish. As I tried to focus on them, he'd swim in front of the camera. Me! Me! Take pictures of ME!! I call him 'Happy Fish' for obvious reasons:

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  1. You look marvelous, no wonder people want to take your picture. Laughed at the fish story.

    Also discovered that you are writing for a newspaper - how come I didn't know that?

    Happy you stopped by my blog because now I have a link to yours and will be visiting.