Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fast and Dirty 'Pocket Watch'

I longed for a pocket watch, but could not afford one. So when I found a large-ish, aged brass finish locket at the crafts store, I had a brain squall (that's like a brain storm, but smaller). I went to WalMart and got one of their $12 watches and took the band off.

I thought about using polyclay or something to make a bezel around the watch, but then I wouldn't be able to get in and reset the time- or to deal with it when the battery goes dead. So I decided to just put a piece of double sided tape on the watchback.

While there is a little extra room on the length of the watch, there is almost no clearance on the depth. I went into the store with a tiny ruler to check the thickness of the watch before buying!

The finished product. It looks good from the outside, and it's functional. I just can't let anyone see the insides when I check the time!

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  1. brain squall :)
    I can't say what my ideas are like in polite company.