Saturday, August 20, 2011

Herb day

Finally got the last of the herbs planted. Seems kind of silly, to be doing that so late in the season, but I hope we’ve still got at least a month left before frost. They’re all on the protected side of the house and in large containers rather than in the ground, so they should pass through the first light frosts anyway. We’ve not been herb-less up to now; I’ve had some potted up on the porch for quite awhile and have been using them, but I had extra seedlings because I thought we’d be selling them at the market. No sense letting them go to waste; I like to freeze parsley and basil and haven’t had enough to do that in a couple of years. Now I should have tons. The new herb of the year is saltwort; had never even heard of it before finding it in the seed catalog this spring. I’ll try anything as long as it’s not mint or licorice tasting! It’s slow; not large enough to try yet. Looking forward to it. Lots of red shiso this year; for once I got good germination. I never seem to actually *use* it, but it’s so beautiful! So dark, and ruffley. A lovely, gothy foliage plant. Must try it in soup or stew this year. Didn’t like it in a salad, and we don’t make sushi or tempura- so far. That is what I got done today.

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