Monday, August 22, 2011

Today was the day of perennials. I finally got to start planting them. ‘Pink Petticoats’ evening primrose- although this species blooms in the day instead of the evening, and isn’t fragrant; ‘Pink Dreams’ nepetas, a catmint with light pink flowers instead of the usual purple ones (and sadly, no scent- I count on nepetas as one of my stinky deer deterrent plants); more ‘Cherry Brandy’ rudbeckias- I didn’t expect the ones from last year to make it through the winter so I started more of them. And amsonnia- I got some seedlings from a client’s garden while cleaning up last year and they look good; I’m looking forward to their blue blossoms next year. Don’t want to put the echinacea mix in until I see what colors they turn out to be, and the area for the hollyhocks isn’t cleaned up yet. So tomorrow it’s grooming miniroses and finding a home for the salvia argentea- I love those furry silver plants, but they do take up room. And need a non-boggy spot- hard to come by in our garden. And figure out what to do with a bunch of ‘Palisandra’ coleus I thought we’d sell at the market- lovely, almost black plants but damn there’s a lot of them. And then weed again… and then…

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