Saturday, November 26, 2011

New cat

So. We seem to have gained another cat.

Colin’s neighbor’s had several cats, who roamed the neighborhood. Colin fed them on the porch, as they always seemed famished. Then, the people moved away, taking two of the cats with them, but leaving the female – she was fixed, thank deity, unlike the males. But it’s been getting cold here, and one of Colin’s cats is an older, now chronically ill, grumpy female. He really didn’t want to risk bringing another adult female cat in, since in my experience at least, that’s combination least likely to get along.  He was getting upset, not wanting to take her to the shelter, not daring to bring her into the house, feeling terrible about her out in the cold- she was in his garage, with a bed, but it’s not heated.

We said we’d take her if he took her to the vet and have her checked out, including a feline leukemia test, we’d take her. He said if we’d take her, he’d not only do that but would help with the food, too.

Yesterday he brought her over. Clean bill of health, vaccinations, wormed. So far she has spent a lot of the time hiding in the crafts/storage room, but has been out and about a fair bit. She eats faster that Silver (which I did not think was possible) and shoved her head into his dish after she finished her own, which he did not know what to make of. She’s spent the last few hours on the books stacked on the headboard, gazing out the window- no doubt reconnoitering for making an escape. Silver has been sitting on the bed gazing at her, with a ‘WTF’ look on his face. The other two boys have met her without a great deal of interest.

Natasha has not met her yet. That is apt to be a very ugly confrontation. Natasha hates most everything in the world. The three boys live in horror of her, even though she is half the size of them. This cat- Luna, btw- I’m sure will represent all that is bad and wrong in Natasha’s world. I’m equally sure they will meet in the middle of the night, just for maximum drama.

Luna is long haired, unkempt, and gray. Apparently since Marmalade died there has been a rule written somewhere that we shall have only cats that can be printed in grayscale.  No pictures as yet.

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