Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skirt from a dress

Because I didn't feel like cleaning the bathroom, I remodeled a yard sale dress into a skirt. It's rayon batik fabric, princess seamed, with buttons up the front. The bottom part fit my bottom part, but the top wouldn't button.

Also, photobomb by Silver.

Measured from the bottom and cut the top off. Getting this measured evenly turned into a nightmare, as the fabric is really stretchy- might even be cut on the bias.

The waist was now 6" too large for me. Happily, there were six seams so I took an inch in on each of them, tapering it to nothing 4" down.

I was going to put a facing at the waist, but there wasn't a big enough piece left over without crazy piecing it. So I did a narrow double turn down, and it worked fine. The top button that was left was only an inch down from the top, so all I had to do for fastening was sew a snap at the very tip top to keep it from sticking up, and I was done!

I'm pretty sure these buttons are coconut shell, to complement the tropical batik!

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