Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn is closing in for real. Working outside is getting to be an exercise in perseverance; frozen feet and fingers and it’s still up in the 50s during the day. And wet. Thinned two big beds of strawberries for a  client and we ended up with two full feed sacks of strawberry plants. I trimmed them all and planted them in the vegetable garden yesterday. Today I went around harvesting herbs- lots of parsley and catnip, some sage, but the lemon balm had all gone to seed and was shitty. Just as well, I suppose; I really only use it as sugar free flavoring for mixed drinks. Still have to process the herbs and keep the cats out of the basket of ‘nip while it dries. I thoroughly expect to find Silver passed out in it.

Tomorrow we both go up to a place on Gold Creek and rake and clean up the yard. That will be my job, while Tim helps the owner put covers over the basement windows- they’ve been broken before by heavy snows fall on them. At least he’ll be home so I can warm up- and pee- when needed. Then probably three days cutting back shrubs at one job but I really hope I have some dry days for that. Then I should be able to stay inside and do things in here.

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