Monday, April 5, 2010

Finished the other block for the breast cancer fund raising raffle:

I love the ribbon and the wisteria, but I don’t like how the pale peach wandering lines went. I tried to do it free hand, and learned that doesn’t work. I need to draw things on the block before I do swirly things! I’m not sure *why* I can draw things just fine, but can’t stitch free hand.

This block, like the purple one, is all recycled fabrics. The shiny brocade on the left is, I think, older than I am- it’s something that was in my mom’s stash, and was, I think scraps from a dress of my aunt’s, as is the one right above it. The one on the lower right was a shirt of mine; the upper right is a yard sale prom dress; the others are from drapery sample books. Crazy quilting is a great way to use scraps, old clothing and samples. While all the embellishments on these blocks are new, you can also use old jewelry, trim and ribbons, although there is no good way of reusing floss.

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