Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A late post about Sunday

I'm leaving this post as I wrote it, on Sunday the 18th. After going through a total reformat of my hard drive earlier this month, with a clean install, all updates and a new antivirus program, I seem to have gotten *another* virus on Sunday. While I could get email and access most sites, I could not get on to Blogger, Etsy, my spam trap or several other sites. I just did a system restore back to Saturday, and so far, so good.

Some days I hate computers.

The Home and Garden show was this weekend, so I went and did a presentation on propagation by cuttings for the Master Gardeners. More people showed up than usual, so there were a lot of questions. That always makes it easier in a way- I do better answering questions than I do following a script. On the other hand, one question can lead to another and I allow things to wander off topic- not good. I think I only forgot to mention one or two things, though.
Must remember to call the Extension Office tomorrow. When I had to reformat the computer, I lost the schedule for when I’m supposed to have articles to them for the paper. I have a nasty suspicion that one of the deadlines is coming up pretty soon. Also must ask about plant clinic, since I need to do that this year or I will no longer be a Master Gardener! Missed the refresher course due to illness, and I need to know what the procedure is these days. It’s been years since I’ve done Plant Clinic, and I don’t want to be one of those people everyone else hates because they make a mess of the paperwork. There is always a fair number of those, and I’d rather not swell the ranks.

Greenhouse still not finished. Every day Tim says “It will be finished this evening!” and every day it isn’t, because everything always takes longer than figured. Soon, I hope, as the house is being over run with flats of seedlings that I have to take outside every day and bring back in at night

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