Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For reasons I can't figure out, I havent' been able to upload photos to Blogger for several days now. Obviously, I've been able to figure it out before, and I've tried numerous times the way I was uploading before, figuring there was a temporary server glitch. No joy. I've tried every other way I can think of- using the 'blogger in draft' thing, loading from a URL (Flickr), doing it in 'edit html' mode, in 'compose' mode. Still no joy. I've run out of things to try.

We've been working on the greenhouse, trying to rebuild it- it collapsed in the heavy snow winter before last. In the process of putting the new plastic on the top, I bashed my thumb with the hammer and it promptly turned a shade of purple that would actually be pretty attractive if it wasn't on, you know, my thumb. It's bending again now, though, so I guess it'll be okay sooner or later.

I've also been planting seeds like crazy- tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, lettuce, all sorts of Asian greens, iris, lilies, a wide variety of perennials, and lots and lots of onions. Tim becomes obsessed with one plant or another some years; a couple of years ago it was potatoes (about 20 varieties, which yielded about 2500 lbs), this year it's onions. Red ones, white ones, yellow ones, scallions, red scallions... and we never have luck growing onions. Hopefully this will be the year we figure it out!

Because of all this planting - and also because my computer got a virus and I had to reformat and do a clean install, along with the attendant downloading updates and reinstalling software and hardware- I have not touched either needlework or beading. Or, for that matter, much reading. Well, sooner or later I'll run out of seeds to plant. Of course by then, it'll be time to transplant them to larger containers...

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