Friday, October 28, 2011

Steamcon 3 - Sunday

Sunday is a more casual day at Steamcon. There are no big events and a lot of people are already leaving. So R and I dressed more comfortably in Victorian bathing costume, so no boots with heels or tight belts. Our bathing dresses were black with white trim, worn with black and white striped stockings, black flats, white mob caps with some black and white trims on them, black and white belts, and curly wiglets. The finishing touch was a pair of latex toads as big as our heads which we carried around in our arms. The effect seemed to jolt a few who didn’t really look close at first but merely thought ‘oh, bathing costumes’ and only a few seconds later went “with giant toads”. And I discovered that my face is really too old to get away with ‘cute’ anymore. R looked totally adorable but I didn’t come off nearly so well. 

There was a demonstration of Victorian cane fighting, which turned out to be fascinating and looked to be a great deal of fun. The instructor had brought a variety of canes so that people could participate. We watched as they learned to defend against different kinds of strikes. It made me really, really want to have a walking stick.

After walking around and admiring costumes and gadgets some more, we changed into mundane clothing and went out into the real world. We walked over the skywalks and visited some of the stores in the area. It’s a very well done, expensive looking retail area; one of the buildings has a water feature with Chihuly glass sculptures. After dinner, we retired to the room to try and pack our bags. Amazingly, despite having shipped some items ahead and now having large toads, everything went into the suitcases. 

 A submarine made from an old wooden barrel, with lights and motion (the propeller, which you can barely see here, turns)

Chihuly glass sculptures in the retail building.

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