Saturday, October 29, 2011

Steamcon 3 - Monday back home

Monday was travel back home day. I managed to drag my butt out of bed early enough to eat, put my makeup on and finish packing without a panic, which surprised me. I’m usually good for a panic. R saw me off when the shuttle picked me up, and because he driver had to pick up some people from their house, I got to see some of the residential area- and on the freeway, for one minute, I got to see water! I swear I will see and smell salt water again someday.

TSA at SeaTac figured I was trustworthy looking enough to not make me be radiated, so I got through security very quickly. The gate for my flight was in a smaller section of the airport, and it had a very small waiting area. Why, I wonder, would you have an area with only 48 seats for a plane that seats 75 people?

 As soon as we board and I’m seated, I check my blood sugar. It’s 174- not surprising, considering the number of chocolate covered pretzels I ate. Someone taps my shoulder. The guy across the aisle and one row back asks if I’m diabetic. I say yes, and he says “Isn’t 174 rather high?” I explain about the pretzels and that my intermediate insulin is just about ready to kick in. He nods, tells me he has 6 relatives with diabetes, and that he’ll be watching me for problems. Thankfully, there are none, but it is kind of cool knowing that if my sugar bottoms out and I just sit there drooling when it’s time to deplane, someone will know what’s going on and what to do.

At the airport, the little shuttle bus takes me out to the long term parking. I then leave my purse on the bus as she drives away. Luckily, she sees it before she gets out of the parking lot and circles back, finding me running down the aisle, waving my hands wildly.

I’d planned on stopping at a fabric store and Target and perhaps Michael’s on the way home, but as soon as I pull into Target I realize I’m screwed because I have my laptop, the car doesn’t lock, and I’m not about to leave it at Target’s desk thingie where they hold back packs. Crap. So straight home I go, with no silly Halloween purchases made. Dammit! Tim isn’t home when I get there, but the cats attack me and hold me down on the bed for some time.

One of these days, I’ll get all my pictures processed and uploaded to Flickr, but that’s going to be a while still. Meanwhile:

Sunday night the toads got to play dress up. It was only fair, after R and I had been playing dress up all weekend. 

Brass fish embedded in the terrazzo at SeaTac. It's a simple thing, but really adds to the place. There are interesting art pieces scattered around SeaTac; it makes it a much, much more interesting place than the big box that is Spokane International.

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