Sunday, October 23, 2011

Onward! Steamcon 3 Friday

Friday was my day to bring out my standard black and white striped skirt. It’s not Victorian, it’s not steampunk, but hey, black and white stripes! Wore it with the black bustier I altered and a black velvet bolero. Had intended to wear my fire engine red wig with it, but when I put it on (having not worn it for around five years) I discovered that the color instantly aged me 10 years. I have been aware that my skin has aged a LOT the last two or three years, but I hadn’t realized quite how bad it was until that moment. So, I switched to the fuchsia purple wig R had given me. Much better! I did learn that screaming fuchsia purple hair requires a lot more eye makeup, though, so that one’s features are not over powered by the color. Pile on the purple shadow and black liner!

We spent a lot of the day in the vendor’s room and the art show. Many beautiful things in both places. The art that impressed me the most was from this studio: and her name is Yvette Endrijautzki. Go look. Buy her work, because I want her to keep creating art so she can come back to Steamcon 4. There was also some incredible metal work, such as an angler fish that I think would make a great addition to a porch with a light in it’s , well, light. Sadly, I did not get a card from that display. In the vendor’s room I ended up buying a silvertone brooch with a skull on it, which I promptly put on, and R most graciously bought me a crocheted bead bracelet with midnight blue AB beads that went marvelously with my black and white outfit.

We went to watch a fencing exhibition, but it was so hot in the room that I thought I was going to croak. Gave up and went to recover. Found the Cityflowers Halloween display, which had many, many wonderful things, like giant thorny stems (like, towering over me giant), very realistic latex toads, steampunk spiders and an animatronic old woman in a rocking chair that actually disturbed me as it kind of reminded me of my mother near her end. *That* is effective scary décor!

Also that day we went to a lecture on the development of submarines which turned out to be fascinating. The two gentlemen were in impeccable uniforms, had a wonderful Powerpoint presentation (hey, time travel, remember? Anachronisms are cool) and knew their stuff. As an added bonus, there was a Russian woman in the audience whose father had been in the USSR submarine corp and she had been on their subs herself a few decades back. The interchange between her and the presenters really added to the panel! We had dinner in the room, and went out a bit for a few minutes but neither of us felt wonderful and we had to work on our Saturday outfits- I still had to put the whole bottom hem in my jacket yet!

A couple of the many, many marvelously dressed people.
Tentacle love!

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